Dear Readers,


I consider myself a storyteller. I love to read a book that contains romance with an element of suspense and I like the story to flow quickly. A story that contains many characters and plots, one you can read on a rainy day or when you’re curled up next to a soft, glowing fire. I hope my stories take you to a different time and place where you can put your worries aside.


For years, I’ve wanted to write novels. Then one day, I started a story and shared my first few chapters with my daughter. She’d asked to read the rest of the story – well, that was a problem, since the remainder of the story was in my head. Once I finished writing the first story, with my daughter’s encouragement, I agreed to have it E-published. Then, I decided it was time to share the other novels I have written.


I’m currently editing two other Historical Romance/Suspense stories for E-publication and writing a new Historical Romance/Suspense novel.


My husband and I love spending time with our grandchildren. We grew up in northwest Ohio and recently moved to central Ohio, where we enjoy the rolling hills and the opportunity to explore the numerous attractions around us.


I’ve been a member of Romance Writers of America for several years.


I’d love to hear from you!


Lynn Wolfe


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